Shattered Pieces

I looked at the mirror and saw my future. I frowned a bit and suddenly a smile broke across my face. It was unbelievable. I was surprised myself. How in the world did this happen? I never believed this was even possible. The odds weren’t that favorable at all. Despite everything, I was there standing … Continue reading Shattered Pieces

The Future is Now: Coding Girls

Gone were the days when the words girl and code won't make sense when placed in a single sentence. As we advance in our pursuit of technology, more and more women are engaging in the tech world. To welcome the new year, Coding Girls Manila held its first meetup last January 26. This was an … Continue reading The Future is Now: Coding Girls

Smarter or Dumber?

Today, almost everything is prefixed with the word “smart.” From phones, watches, TVs, to homes. Now, even cities are called smart. Almost all of the things we interact with today are made smarter by technological advancements. This might sound good, but are we really ready for smarter things? Better yet, we should probably ask the … Continue reading Smarter or Dumber?

Life in Mapua: Student-Athlete

With a year left, coming back to play Taekwondo one more time for my university is as important for me as to finishing my degree. Once Mapua Institute of Technology, now Mapua University; my life in MU (although MIT sounds great) is at its peak intensity. Throughout my stay in Mapua, I've been constantly asked … Continue reading Life in Mapua: Student-Athlete St. Viator Catholic High School

While enjoying my train ride towards the south of Taiwan, I received an even more joyful message from Pia. She complimented my efforts in my previous lectures and asked me if I wanted to be one of the guest lectures for an event in Taichung. Without hesitation, I said I'd love to be part of … Continue reading St. Viator Catholic High School Bei Da Senior High School

TO: Create memories, share experiences, and inspire adventures. Whenever people ask why do I make time for these people that I don't even know, I always smile and say, "Because I can and I want to." A week after I held my first lecture, I was scheduled to hold another lecture in another high … Continue reading Bei Da Senior High School

#DawningInTaiwan: Gorging in Hualien

After a whole day of discovery in Yilan, I rode the train from Luodong to Hualien. I sat down in the empty train and read Infinite Jest. After about more than an hour, I arrived at my destination. Another city I haven't been to, I strapped on my backpack and was ready for a new … Continue reading #DawningInTaiwan: Gorging in Hualien