Swing and Swim

Tick tock tick tock…
The sun is up and about. I’m sweating like crazy but still, the bus had no signs of leaving yet. Luckily, I opened my messages and was told that I should just take a trike to Busuanga so as to tag along to the trip to the organic farm.

A few minutes passed by and I jumped right in the trike with Kuya Buboy. He was nice enough to narrate stuff about the place while driving. As I was comfortably seated, I amused myself with the view before me. We had a few stops. One of which was at the church which was made of stones. A stairway led to this tiny church and there were about a hundred steps. Reaching the top, my breath was taken away. The view was picturesque. I entered the church and gave thanks. Before I was about to leave, a dog approached me and led my way down.

Unending farm lands, long stretching oceans, and neighboring moutains made up the scenery that my eyes feasted on. After about an hour and a half, I finally reached Sagrada. “Sanctuaria Treehouses,” the sign marked my drop off. The stairway was made up of stones stacked up each other. I made my way to the bar where I was greeted by Brian, the owner, and some other people. Refreshed with the cold glass of orange juice, I settled in my room where I had the view of the mangrove forest. After a change of clothes and stuff, I went down since I was then told that everyone is going to the organic farm for a birthday party.

I was then introduced by Brian to his staff some of which are Ate Machiko and Ate Elsie. We took a trike to the bridge, the nearest landmark to te farm. Rode with us was Buhay, Brian’s dog which has the mix of doberman and rottweiler. While the others hopped on the motorbike and Sanctu, the other dog, ran after everyone. From the bridge, we walked following the trail that led to the farm. It had bamboo fences though you can still see the whole from the outside. I met Pia, the farm owner’s girlfriend, a stunning Filipino woman. We were then invited to take a dip into the river before having lunch.

“Sanctuary from Sanctuaria,” that’s how Brian described the farm. Truly enough, the river convinced me that this farm is paradise. The river was unspoiled. Purely nature, there was a man made hut just beside it and a swing attached to one of the trees surrounding the river. A lot of kids were swinging and swimming. After a while, I took a dip and there I was, soaked with refreshing water. I swam for a bit, but was hesitant to try the swing. I was forced to just watch the kids swing back and forth their way to the water.

Making my way back to the resting area, I met Romano. He is a French man who owns the organic farm and also a couple of islands and places in Palawan. I would say he’s one of the coolest people I’ve met so far. Little chit chats then we headed back to the farm for a plate full of pancit, birthday spaghetti, and biko. A little later, we had bread with cheese and basil and some watermelons. The kapeng barako made the snack even better.

What made the farm special is the fact that everything that we ate were grown in the organic farm. The lettuce, basil, pepper, pineapple, were all so fresh. I was amazed by how beautiful the place was.

Since the sun is settling down, it was time to go home. After juggling pineapple rum, we were presented with two options: take the trike back or ride the speedboat. What did we do? Ride the speedboat! Romano was kind enough to offer us a ride back to Sanctuaria Treehouses through his speedboat along the mangroves. It was such a fun ride. Upon reaching the pier, we walked up to the bar. The flight of stairs was really high which makes taking it a good exercise. Energy drained, it was time to call it a day. We sat by the bar and had a few drinks.

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