Of All Places

I’ve only been away from home for a few times. The places I’ve been into gave me unique experiences. Most were great. Some were tedious. Others were insane. However, the last time I went away to go to a new place, my life was changed by this place. Unexpectedly. A place different from the rest.

You’d constantly ask me the question, “What’s your most favorite place?” I would always silently pause for a while, look at you in the eyes, and give off a smile. Why? It’s simply because the first thing that comes into my mind every time you ask me that question is you. You. Yes, you’re my most favorite place. You are and you will always be. I could go on a long list of my favorite places where anyone’s breath could be easily taken away by the scenery each one has. There are beauty and joy in every place I’ve visited. However, my most favorite is you. And guess what? Every other place that has made into my list of favorites has a common denominator. They’re places I’ve been into with you.

It doesn’t really matter where I am. It could be in a hidden jungle with wildlife all around,  in a treehouse listening to the silence, in a pristine beach having white sand give its sparkle, in a cave with dim lighting, in a fancy pool with overlooking scenery, in the water whose clarity penetrates allowing us to see through, on a bean bag being lazy and doing nothing, on a boat as the waves splash all over, on a dirt path with dust being blown away by the wind, between hills and mountains with the wind drifting, between stretches of crops in farm lands, under the tree while the summer rain is pouring, under the sun as its rays blind me and as its heat burns my skin, and even just under the sky as the moonlight and stars shine over us.

I could be in, on, between, under anywhere. The where doesn’t really matter at all, as long as you’re there wherever it may be. Just because, you will always be my most favorite place.

You are the…

place where things I’m afraid of don’t scare me anymore.

place where all my questions are answered.

place where my worries instantly fade away.

place where the walls I’ve built can be taken down.

place where every closed gate is eventually opened. 

place where each lock has its key. 

place where anything in my mind can be out.

place where everything that confuses me are made clear.

place where darkness comes to light.

place where giving up transforms into hoping.

place where happiness as well as inspiration overflows.

Every bit of you is somewhere I’d go to. Your eyes where I can see through you; the genuity, the sincerity, the love strikes right out of those beautiful green eyes. I could stare at those all day and night. Your lips where a curve appears whenever I say something silly, even if it’s stupid. Your hands where both safety and care can be felt right through their hold and touch. Your chest where your heart resides. Your heart where all the love you’re ready to give is housed. It may have been broken more than once, but it is still beating. From every beat, I can feel how tired, worn out, it is from loving too much. Your scars, wounds, broken ribcage, where I can see your strength. Your flaws where your imperfections make you even more perfect. I love all these places. Every place of you makes me want to stay.

Finding you, I came to the realization that you are not the place I can find through following a map, looking for road signs, walking on a path, or spotting some kind of landmark. No, it was through perfect timing that I found you.

Wherever in this world, or universe, I go, you will always be the place I’d want to go back to and the place I will never get tired of. That’s why whenever you’d ask me again the question, “What’s your most favorite place?” I won’t think twice to answer, “You.”

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