#Dawning In Korea: Falling

I’m falling, falling so deep. Waking up one chill gray dawn, I felt a kiss touch my cheek. Along with this was a whisper, an unfamiliar voice promised me something. As I took a step, my eyes slowly widened in admiration. The chill breeze caressed through my face while I gazed through my pristine surroundings. Silence hovered. It was pleasant in the ears. The blanket of leaves covering the ground were truly made more spectacular by the glorious combination of red, orange, and gold. Everything seems so alive with all these colors, but the fact is… it’s the season when everything is dying little by little. I’ve fallen, fallen for the fall season. 

안녕하세요, 저는 새벽 입니다! 55 days, approaching 2 months of being here in South Korea. The transition from the dreadful rainy days with the hot summer breeze from Palawan and Manila to the warm sunshine, crisp cold air, relaxing rains, and falling leaves in South Korea is indeed heart warming for me. Summer has always been my favorite. (I also liked rainy days, but not as much as I loved sunny days.) Maybe because I’ve been accustomed to it. Or probably because I only had to choose between summer season and rainy season. However, honestly, being able to experience a new season makes me kind of infatuated with fall. As the famous line goes, “new is always better.”

I’ve fallen in love with fall. Gone are the days when my favorite was the sun striking from up above and heating up everything. Now, the blue skies, booming clouds, patches of sunlight, and chilly air caught my attention. The sweater weather started covering me up. I used to dress up with either flowing sundresses or short skirts and shorts. But nowadays, jackets, hoodies, coats, knitted tops, scarves, pants, leggings; they’re all layered up.

I consider my mornings to be the best when I get to walk around and see the beautiful trees with the piles of leaves just laying on the ground. There are days when the air was too cold to handle and other days when the sun shines so brightly. It’s a good thing that the weather predictions here are fairly accurate. With the sun radiantly shining, the layers could always be lessened. The sun always brightens the view and opposes the declining temperature. Otherwise, on days that the sun decides it’s too shy come out, the air becomes more soothing, but the fog dominates and blurs out the path. Closest picture? Silent hill. During these days, a cup of hot coffee is the best hand warmer I lean on to. “산이 시려워요!”

Fall makes the leaves swing to leave the branches of the trees. They start by turning from green to a richer color, then eventually falling down. At nights, it’s actually amazing how the leaves crunch at each step I take though the stars twinkle so halfheartedly. Wind gusting past through me, the whispered promise has been clearer than ever. What promise is that, you ask? Winter is coming.

The sheer beauty of fall makes me fall more in love with it every single day. It might only be infatuation. It’s possible for me to be smitten by the season that’s about to come. Who knows? It’s coming. Winter is coming.

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