A Look Back at #AlennaFitat18

Note: Photos below.

#AlennaFitat18 (months long of hashtags on gaining abs and getting fitter) was an ultimate goal which is all about my 18th birthday which turned out to be quite a rare experience. Back then, the day itself almost came out to be terrible. Now, it’s laughable.

Months before my birthday, I eyed on Palawan as a place for celebration. (Why? I have always loved the beach. I grew up in Batangas anyway. Makes sense, right?) It has always been my desire to fly to Palawan and see how beautiful it is since it’s dubbed as “one of the best islands in the world.” So I started researching and found unique places to go to. After much consideration, I weighed on which place I should choose: Mommy Sally’s isolated beach or Sanctuaria Treehouses. Figuring out that there’s more to do in ST, I went for it and did a booking. The accommodation could house as much as six people. Activities were laid out. Even meal plans were discussed. Perfect!

Guessing who I wanted to spend my birthday with? My closest college friends who also happen to be my Taekwondo teammates! (Shoutout to Ate AJ (Momma), Kuya Gab (Bae), Kuya Kim (Tanda), Jerkin (Camel), and JD (what do I call you, bessy?)).They’ve took care of me since I was a freshman and we’ve spent great times together. So I thought to myself, “Who else should I take? My weirdos. Lol.” Settling that, my bestfriend, Ate AJ, booked our flight tickets. Cebu Pacific had a promo, so that turned out to be a great deal for us. Fun fact though, that weekend was just before our finals!

As the day of my birthday came, JD wasn’t able to join us due to examination! (I bet that he didn’t really study. He just has strict parents.) We all went to the airport together and enjoyed our flight. Jerkin did his laboratory reports in the airplane. (Just because, you know, Mapuans!) 

Finally, Palawan! Landing, we arranged a pickup with the resort. Calling the driver and the owner, shit just happened. We were in the wrong island! We were at Puerto Princesa, Palawan, but our resort was at Coron/Busuanga, Palawan! How stupid was that? Lol. I totally thought that the day was a disaster. Honestly, I felt like crying at that moment. If it weren’t for my comforting friends, I would have cried like a baby. But, wishes do come true! A helpful tour guide in the island helped us get an accomodation and arranged tours for that day and the next! He was an angel sent from up above. I was very thankful.

Our afternoon tour was around the city of Puerto Princesa. Exploring, we saw Mitra’s Ranch, Baker’s Hill, Plaza Cuartel, and other parts of the city. We even got the chance to eat tamilok (worms from mangrove tree barks)! It was a fun day. An even more fun day was the next day. To be exact, an awesome day! We went island hopping at Honda bay which is famous in Puerto Princesa. We got to see Starfish island then swam for hours and hours at Cowrie island. My friends even played beach volleyball while I lay on the sand and took pictures.

It was the best birthday ever! From then on, I promised myself to spend my birthday on travels. More birthdays, more travels to come.

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