#DawningInTaiwan: National Palace Museum


“Happy Museum Day!”

Chased out of Fulong by the scare of thunderstorms, Dennis and I headed back to Taipei for an activity that will fit the not-so-pretty weather. (We didn’t want to risk being struck by lightning, even though I reckoned the statistical probability is slim.) Lots of ideas popped up as alternatives to our diving plans but, we both agreed the best place to go was the National Palace Museum. I haven’t been there yet, neither did he.

Feast for the Eyes


Amazed by how the museum looked like, we got off the shuttle bus. (I was totally right that the bus stopped at Jiantian MRT station.) Upon entering the museum, we were greeted by a crowd of Chinese tourists. There were lots of them. Dashing in groups with their tour guides, I knew immediately that it wouldn’t be a quiet stroll at the museum.

We approached the counter and purchased our admission tickets. Just beside it is the counter for audio guides. Of course, we grabbed them for a more elaborate learning experience. As techy as this museum can get, they provided iPods with a whole app for the museum. Audio guides, slideshows, articles – name it and it’s there. There is also an information section and portal for tourists. Wonderful enough, they sectioned the guides by themed collections as well. I must say, this is a feature every museum must have.

Rich with a variation of artifacts, the historical timeline of the dynasties were presented in an organized manner. Personally, my top picks are the Buddhist artifacts, Garland of Treasures, and the jade collection. The Buddhist artifacts showcased a variety of bodhisattvas in which each had their own symbolism. I admired the Avalokitesvara since the miniature figures if her differed in very meaningful ways. Flowing with an abundance of luxury, the Garland of Treasures showed how lavishly the rich spent their money. From overly decorated ensembles, gemstoned vases, intricate headpieces and accessories, these only depicted the life they had as the upperclassmen. Lastly, the jade cabbage is a stunning piece of art. Most people would mock its exposure and say it’s overrated but, I honestly think it’s a precious piece. Its simplicity exudes a beauty no other piece in the museum could compare to. Every detail of this jade cabbage surpassed the grandiose presence of the other artifacts.

Mouthful of Goodness

What’s a touristy day without savoury eats?
As a snack before heading to the museum, we filled our stomachs with falafel from Hagar’s Kitchen! It’s my first falafel and it’s absolutely great. I loved how the flavors came together inside my mouth. It’s a perfect vegetarian food. The deep fried chickpeas patty stuffed into that flat bread along with vegetables was enough to make you full! I wanted more though.

Going Indian for dinner, we went to Out of India. The restaurant has quite a nice vibe to it and the place is well decorated. Not that it’s extravagant, it’s just the adequate amount of embellishments. The food was great as well. Not my favorite Indian food place but, they served decent dishes. I specially liked the eggplant dish. (I wish we had our dishes spiced up, I love spicy food!)

As if we weren’t stuffed enough with so much food, we marched our way to Banana Crepe. I didn’t want to get dessert but, the crepes looked amazing! Time to take out my emergency stomach – room for dessert! They are definitely mouthwatering. I got a crepe with strawberries, brownies, cream, cheesecake, and ice cream topping all these goodness. Every bite is mind blowing. I loved it. It’s definitely my favorite dessert place in Taipei now.

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