#DawningInTaiwan: Mi Amigo Mono en Kaoshiung

At around 2’o clock in the morning, Kike arrived in Zhongli. Good thing I was able to wake up since I was extremely tired throughout the previous day and haven’t had much sleep in a while. Wanting to catch an early train, we decided we’ll head out at 6AM. We did but, ended up taking the bus since it’s more comfortable. (Plus, we could charge our phones in the bus!)

After more or less 4 hours, we finally arrived in Kaohsiung. Since Goofy, our couchsurfing host, told us that we’d meet up at 5PM, we decided we’d head straight to Monkey Mountain or Shoushan. Approaching the tourist center at the main station, we grabbed guides and asked how can we get there. Same as what Google says, we waited for a bus that will drop us off the mountain area. (We should have just rented scooters. It would have been a lot more fun actually.)

Going off at Shoushan zoo, we searched for the trail which was very easy to find. Ten steps in and the place was swarmed with monkeys crazily running around. Up those cemented walls, monkeys were chasing each other like maniacs. On the other hand, the forestry area was filled with larger mommy monkeys with their babies clinging onto them. It was such a cute scene! (Deep inside, I was super frightened that one of the monkeys would go insane and attack me.)

Following the guide maps spread throughout the mountain trails, we randomly chose our path. We went from rocky trails to wooden stairs to dirt paths which almost destroyed my new sandals. (Smart choice Alenna: wearing your new leather sandals which are most certainly not built for hiking.) As we went deeper into the woods, we saw more monkeys which were wilder than those we saw before. It was such a beautiful sight: the monkeys swinging from branch to vine and scratching each other’s backs.

When we were about to reach the viewing deck, we passed by a group of monkeys just chilling by the walkway. There’s a huge monkey sitting peacefully. Of course, it called for photo ops! As Kike was trying to take my photo, another monkey tried to grab my hair. I looked up and saw its teeth clenching! I was so scared even though the picture says otherwise. (I looked so happy running away from that crazy monkey.) I really thought it would jump on me and start strangling me to death. Good thing my reflexes were fast enough to sense the danger! Kike was lucky the monkey calmed down when it was his turn to take photos. (Well, he’s technically family so they won’t kill him for sure.)

We headed to the rest area and there were elderly men hanging out. As little as my Chinese goes, they told me I looked pretty and were asking me if I was with my boyfriend. Haha, that’s all I understood. It was funny though. Since I was so hungry, we decided to head down and conclude our visiting sesh of Kike’s home. (I’m so sorry Kike, haha. I just had to make these jokes since they’re so hilarious! It’s not like you didn’t anticipate for the joke, lol.)

After having tons of pizza at No Q Pizza, we agreed upon going to the beach. The rain stopped so we wore our swimsuits and walked towards the direction of the beach. As unfortunate as Kike’s luck was, it started raining again. Since the British Consulate Museum was nearby, we went inside and looked around. Rose ice cream? Smoothly slipped through. It was a nice afternoon. Despite the bad weather, I had a great time. (Kike, I hope you did too!)

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