Life in Mapua: Student-Athlete

With a year left, coming back to play Taekwondo one more time for my university is as important for me as to finishing my degree. Once Mapua Institute of Technology, now Mapua University; my life in MU (although MIT sounds great) is at its peak intensity. Throughout my stay in Mapua, I've been constantly asked … Continue reading Life in Mapua: Student-Athlete

#DawningInTaiwan: Viaje rápido? Vámonos!

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.  Leaving the Philippines last February, the last two familiar faces I saw were Kike's and Blanca's. Meeting them last January was one of the highlights of my comeback in Mapua. I met Blanca first when AJ wasn't able to meet her as the student buddy. A week … Continue reading #DawningInTaiwan: Viaje rápido? Vámonos!

Traveling Dawn: Dawning in Taiwan

From 25°C in Philippines, it was a cold welcome of 10 degrees less of where I came from (exactly 15°C) in Taiwan's Taoyuan International Airport. "This isn't what I had in mind." I told myself who was wearing short shorts. (This calls for The Adventures of Traveling Shorts!) It was exactly midnight when we landed … Continue reading Traveling Dawn: Dawning in Taiwan

Best of 2016: Dawning as Alenna

This year has been truly awesome (대박)! My expectations have been exceeded by all the experiences I gained throughout 2016. I met a lot of people from varying walks of life and from different parts of the world, made new friends, and built enriching relationships. My eyes also feasted on a lot of breathtaking places … Continue reading Best of 2016: Dawning as Alenna

#Dawning In Korea: Falling

I'm falling, falling so deep. Waking up one chill gray dawn, I felt a kiss touch my cheek. Along with this was a whisper, an unfamiliar voice promised me something. As I took a step, my eyes slowly widened in admiration. The chill breeze caressed through my face while I gazed through my pristine surroundings. Silence … Continue reading #Dawning In Korea: Falling

Breaking Dawn

It has been 795 days. Isn’t it fascinating how fast each day passed by? Now here I am today, on my third year as an electrical engineering student.   Everyone tried to warn me with lines like: “It’s a trap!” “Big dreams. Start here. Finish elsewhere” “Beware of the LEADS.” and more. Like every Mapuan … Continue reading Breaking Dawn

Coveted Honor

23rd of October 2014: Butterflies... I had a swarm of butterflies flutter in my stomach when I got a message from a familiar looking stranger. It started out, "CONGRATULATIONS! We are pleased to inform you that you are qualified to be a member of the Honor Society of Mapua. If interested..." My immediate response? Of course, I am … Continue reading Coveted Honor