#TWIYC.tw: Bei Da Senior High School

TO: Create memories, share experiences, and inspire adventures. Whenever people ask why do I make time for these people that I don't even know, I always smile and say, "Because I can and I want to." A week after I held my first lecture, I was scheduled to hold another #TWIYC.tw lecture in another high … Continue reading #TWIYC.tw: Bei Da Senior High School

#TWIYC.tw: Taipei Municipal Datong Senior High School

Last April 26, I received my list of matches for "The World in Your Classroom - Taiwan" project from the organization. Quickly after reading the matches, another email popped up in my inbox. Teacher Tracy (Hsuan Chen) greeted me with a warm message. One of the highlights of her message must be her introduction of … Continue reading #TWIYC.tw: Taipei Municipal Datong Senior High School

#DawningInTaiwan: Singing the Way to Enlightenment

Photos from Yg Shih (of Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum in Kaohsiung) Edited by Dennis Weinberg  Based on Sakyamuni Buddha's life as written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, Siddhartha The Musical was a fascinating spectacle at the Great Enlightenment Auditorium. With the elegant costume design, powerful vocals, and graceful movements, the Fo Guang Shan Academy … Continue reading #DawningInTaiwan: Singing the Way to Enlightenment

#DawningInTaiwan: The World in Your Classroom

TWIYC.tw is a platform that connects foreign volunteers with high school students in Taiwan. In the project, volunteers living in or traveling to Taiwan are welcome to sign up to be our guest lecturers. We offer an opportunity for foreign volunteers to teach Taiwanese students about various aspects of their home countries such as culture, … Continue reading #DawningInTaiwan: The World in Your Classroom