#DawningInTaiwan: Viaje rápido? Vámonos!

Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.  Leaving the Philippines last February, the last two familiar faces I saw were Kike's and Blanca's. Meeting them last January was one of the highlights of my comeback in Mapua. I met Blanca first when AJ wasn't able to meet her as the student buddy. A week... Continue Reading →

#DawningInTaiwan: The World in Your Classroom

TWIYC.tw is a platform that connects foreign volunteers with high school students in Taiwan. In the project, volunteers living in or traveling to Taiwan are welcome to sign up to be our guest lecturers. We offer an opportunity for foreign volunteers to teach Taiwanese students about various aspects of their home countries such as culture,... Continue Reading →

#DawningInTaiwan: Knowing Tainan Better

Having more days left for spring break, Tainan would be the perfect city to stay in for the rest of the days I have left without classes. There's so much more left to see. Finally, I crossed out my other plans. Anping District (04/06) As a new day started, I woke up with the sun... Continue Reading →

#DawningInTaiwan: Wandering Tainan

It's actually silly how I ended up spending the rest of my spring break in this city. The original plan was to hitchhike from Kenting to the east coast so that I can stop by Taitung and visit the farmer who helped me before, wander around Hualien and see the famous Taroko Gorge, move to Yilan to... Continue Reading →

#DawningInTaiwan: Finding my Taiwanese Family (Taichung to Nantou)

There's a Tibetan saying, "Wherever you have friends, that's your country, and wherever you receive love, that's your home."  Three months ago, a message popped up in my Couchsurfing inbox. Vincent Chen invited me to visit his home to meet his family. I gladly accepted his invitation and we kept in touch through Line and Facebook prior... Continue Reading →

#DawningInTaiwan: Farming in Taipei

Who would have guessed that you can farm in Taipei? It was a Sunday morning when I left New Taipei City with my Couchsurfing host Jimmy and his son where we drove to Shenkeng Mountain near Taipei Zoo. It was raining the night before, so I thought the hiking/farming event was ought to be canceled.... Continue Reading →

#DawningInTaiwan: Backpacking from Tainan to Taitung

I realized something, I hate motorbike rides. Well, at least those long ones where I have to burden my back with my bag. There's this stereotype saying that Asians are bad drivers. I asked myself, "Why are Asians considered as bad drivers?" Now I see and know why. At least those on scooters! I'd rather go hitchhiking.... Continue Reading →

#DawningInTaiwan: Localizing in Hsinchu

Sampling food in local farmers' markets, visiting a temple, taking a walk to the mountain park, running after dogs everywhere, and living in a modern Taiwanese home - these all happened in a span of one day and a night! Before coming to Taiwan, I received a lovely message from Jenny on Couchsurfing. Quoting her,... Continue Reading →

Traveling Dawn: Dawning in Taiwan

From 25°C in Philippines, it was a cold welcome of 10 degrees less of where I came from (exactly 15°C) in Taiwan's Taoyuan International Airport. "This isn't what I had in mind." I told myself who was wearing short shorts. (This calls for The Adventures of Traveling Shorts!) It was exactly midnight when we landed... Continue Reading →

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